The Symptoms Of Trisomy 21

The diagnosis of trisomy 21 is not always evident in the newborn. It is based on a set of characters never present in full, but which gives all these infants and children a “family look”:

Retardation of variable degree (IQ of 20 to 80 with an average of 50);

A psychomotor delay: sitting around one year, walking towards two years, etc …

A sweet and affectionate character;

A small size;

A flat neck;

A flat, round face with a broad nose ;

Oblique palpebral fissures, the external angle being higher than the internal edge;

Epicanthus (small fold at the inner corner of the eye);

Small white spots in the iris (Brushfield);

Small ears not hemmed;

A small mouth with a tongue that tends to come out ;

Small teeth of delayed appearance;

A short neck with an excess of skin on the nape of the neck;

Muscular hypotonia ;

A big belly with an umbilical hernia;

A fifth finger runs;

A single palmar fold;

A big toe very separated from the 2 °.