• To offer support and encouragement for parents and families of children with Down Syndrome.
  • To provide assistance and facilities to Individuals with Down Syndrome to enable them to contribute to society.
  • To educate the community about Down Syndrome and highlight the needs of persons with Down Syndrome.
  • To gather experience, support and resources in order to form the Penang Down Syndrome Association. This aim was achieved on the 7th September 1999 when the Association was registered.

Important dates in the History of the Penang Down Syndrome Association:

  • 12th December 1998 Protem Committee for Down Syndrome Support Group was formed.
  • Year 1999 the support group organised various activities while working towards the formation of the association.
  • On the 7th September 1999 the Association was approved by the Registrar.
  • The certificate was handed over on the 11th October 1999 during a ceremony in the Komtar Auditorium.
  • 30th October 1999 the Association was officially launched by YB Dr. Teng Hock Nan at the Penang Sheraton Hotel.
  • 161 Members are registered with the Association as at July 2000.

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